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Hall of Fame

Whilst we’ve been playing this game ourselves for over a decade. The physical card game that you are now seeing on this website, or maybe even the one you’ve bought or are about to buy, would never have been possible without some incredible people who helped us get to this point.

We decided to turn our beloved game into a physical card game after we had a few pints before the England v Ukraine Euros game, a game that we should have actually been at (if it wasn’t for Covid restrictions!). What we didn’t realise is the kind of journey we would then embark on with the making and designing of the game.

To make this happen we decided to crowdfund on Kickstarter which meant it really needed people to buy into the game and actually want to play it to make it happen. And that's exactly what happened! Over 200 people pledged their support which ended in us hitting over £6000, overfunding our initial target by £2,000 in the 30 day campaign.

This page is dedicated to everyone that has supported us on the journey so far and the people that have gone above and beyond for us.

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Round Corner Brewing, beer partner for The Football Game Co.

Friends of TFG

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Round Corner Brewing

Our good friends at Round Corner Brewing have supported us massively since we approached asking for some beer for a competition. Since then we've enjoyed some amazing events, content evenings and beer tasting together! We have so much planned with them and their amazing staff have even backed us on Kickstarter. Not to mention, their award-winning beer is truly incredible. 


Nostalgia FC

Nostalgia FC is an incredible podcast created by George and Drew. In each episode they have a special guest that picks their starting 11 of favourite nostalgic players. Considering our game is built around obscure knowledge that brings that feeling of nostalgia, it was only natural that we became good friends with these guys and have been featured on their podcast as well as playing the game with George and Drew. 

Bucket Hat Sam

As his name suggests, Sam likes to wear bucket hats. But he's so much more than that. Sam is a very talented content creator across all platforms and he can be regularly seen playing The Football Game on his podcast with his mates. It's truly provided us with some great entertainment. His YouTube channel can be found to cover all kinds of football news, events and even kit reviews.

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Dan Bardell

Dan is a football broadcaster who has worked for Sky Sports News, The Athletic and WhoScored, as well as being a die-hard Aston Villa fan. We sent him an early beta test pack to check out and he's supported us ever since. Most recently he can be found hosting a number of Aston Villa podcasts, writing a guest column for the Birmingham Mail and appearing regularly on Sky Sports News. We can't wait to meet up with him for a beer and play some rounds of the game.

James McNicholas

James is one of the most respected writers and podcasters covering Arsenal. Appearing on Arseblog’s Arsecast, writing for The Athletic and the man behind gunnerblog. Recently he’s also had a guest cameo appearance on Ted Lasso and even more exciting has played our game and been kind enough to share it with the football community that follow him.

Simon Appleby

Whilst he's not involved in the company The Football Game Co. Simon is a game Co-Founder. He was with us all those years ago on that bus creating the original game and has been in the pub playing with us ever since. It was even Simon's wedding that we played a quick round whilst we waited for his soon to be wife, Jess to walk down the aisle. Even though Simon isn't involved in the card game we've created, he's been nothing but supportive and continues to be our best mate.

Kickstarter Supporters

Kacper K - Joe J - Curtis H - Ben B - Lizzy A - Angus B - Karim T - Sarah M - Jonathan D - Callum B - Żak S - Adam M -

Matt W - Jo D - Jon M - Matt W - Chris I - Jason C - Martyn W - Jacob M - Jessica A - Jac R - Alec S - Ollie P - Colin W -

Dave G - Elias M - April M - Chris N - Clare B - Ronnie E - Chris S - Nancy J - Ben C - Sean D - Baron A - Tim M - Joe W -

James S - Luke M - Tony J - Ryan W - Erik E - James W - Colin E - Marc B - Jan H - Sasha F - Thom R - Josh S - Kirsty B -

Rhys J - Craig B - James K - Joe S - Charles S - James B - Jordan H - Sam S - Luke H - Brady H - Josh W - Brandon H -

Simon M - Ed B - Alexander P - Max F - David S - Sophie H - Jez T - Brian K - Gemma L - Gavin M - James R - Rachel G - Ashley F - Laurie A - Rhys J - William H - Antony A - Adriano R - Eleanor P - Charlie N - Josh B - Hannah W - Michael O - Charles BD - Marcus E - Robert M - Ewan D - Siddharth P - James G - Michael T - Henry C - Ben G - Jake C - Evan L - Fin M - Michael R - Jordan R - Mumin H - Eoin W - Jamie S - Chas K - Charlie W - Albie M - Daniel P - Jamie K - Jessica C - Michael S - Daragh N - Ryan B - Susan PP - Liev G - Richard SS - James H - Graham R - David S - Sean M - Ashley H - Jack S - Sean F - Adam F - Adam C - Nick K - Samantha R - Benjamin C - Sam B - Gary O - Jamie T - Sam Jones - Luke Wise - Daniel M -

Jim Y - Connor M - Jack T - Steve N - Eben S - Pedro NS - Jamie C - Harvey G - Ravi P - Lewis C - Scott M - Patrick G -

Angus C - James L - Miguel MV - Nathaniel M - Alan P - Nick G - Darren H - David C - Martin R - Dan T - Brendan K -

Dan G - Ian C - Phil T - Hansley J - Ashleigh S - Andrew W - Finbar P - Hayden C - David D - Will P - Lisa O - Nathan R -

Jack B - Dean S - Devang S - Stephen N - Dishank S - Fraser A - Jamie C - Lloyd B - Sam Howe - Kevin L - David H -

Adam P - Chris P - Reuben S - Matthew O - Thomas G - Glenn T - Lisa GG - Joe H - Daniel G - Neil S - Keith H - James D - Adam B - Alex M - Darren S - Jack K - Adrian C - James A - Scott D - Adam D - Fred S - Hannah F - Jason M - Christian DB - Lin L - Ben R - Drew R - Charlie S - Lucy C - Sam J - George M - Ruby P - Liam H

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