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How many players is the game for?

Two players minimum. We often play ourselves with four as that's a great number for all gameplay styles. However, we’ve also had as many as ten players at one time. It’s a little more chaotic but still great fun.

How many different ways can I play the game?

The most common ways to play are the gameplay styles described in the rules, these are classic play and speed play which can both be played individually or in teams. You can check out the rules here.

What are blank cards?

Blank cards are where you fill in the blank with your own idea.

E.g “Midfielders to play for _____ _ (club)"

If it’s your turn, you can fill in the club based off your own knowledge, for example Chelsea as the blank. These can be used tactically to gain a win or annoy the rest of the players.

There are plenty of blank cards based around categories such as managers, players, clubs and nations, so the game has huge replayability value.

There are also blanks on timer cards where you would state the number of seconds yourself which gives you more opportunities to either be nice or give everyone a chance or add extreme pressure by stating a small time limit.

How do you find out the answers?

The trusty old Internet becomes your best friend when checking answers. If you’re in the thick of the rounds, it's better to make a note of questionable answers and check at the end rather than losing precious time checking mid-round.

What happens if someone gets away with a wrong answer?

Bluffing is quite difficult to get away with. We once had someone say Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink played for Newcastle and that was quickly shut down by everyone. (Some answers don’t need a check)

But, having said that, it is possible! And if it's not called out and the round ends, then that player has gotten away with it and everyone else should hang their heads in shame for not picking it up.

Are there going to be expansions?

Expansions are in our future goals! We would love to do more nations and club based expansions, however as we have only just launched, we really want to focus on the first edition of the game as our priority. But if you sign up to our email, you’ll be the first to know when we’re expanding.

Does the game have to be played in a pub?

Not at all! We first played this game on a bus when we were still in school. However when we then turned 18 and started regularly attending the pub, the game came with us and became a great setting for it.

But you can play wherever you want! At home, weddings, in the car, on a boat, at a bus stop, we’ve tested them all and the possibilities are endless.

How does someone win the game?

Collect as many category cards as you can that you’ve either won or successfully challenged. It’s a good idea to also set either a time limit or a top score to reach, e.g first to 10. But personally, we always end up playing over the time limit or forget about the score to reach, it’s just that fun you can easily lose a good few hours playing.

Who manages the timer and the counting?

It’s usually better if one person manages each thing. Trying to do both at the same time can be tricky. If it’s team play we find it works best for the team not answering to time and count the team answering.

You’re out of stock on your website. Where can I get a game?

If we’re out of stock then that means people are buying the game so thats awesome! You can be sure that we will be back in stock soon, and the best way to find out when a new batch is coming is to sign up to our newsletter here.

Where is the game made?

We have a supplier right here in the UK! We find that it just makes life easier for quick response time and a quick delivery date for the game.

Will you be bringing back the premium packs?

It wasn’t something we were planning to do as it was just for the Kickstarter campaign. If enough people want them, then we can certainly look at bringing a limited number of stock back in. If you want a premium pack, send us an email or a message on Instagram.

Where did you come up with the game?

We were on a bus back from a school trip and it naturally just happened. We haven’t stopped since. Check out our other TFG milestones on our History page here.

How did the Co-Founders meet?

We all went to school together and became BEST FRIENDS! Many, many years later and we’re still going strong!

Doesn’t it get repetitive?

Can you get bored playing The Football Game?

The short answer is… No.

The long answer is… The game features over 200 unique category cards and 30 timer cards which we have calculated gives you 1,827 different potential combinations. In addition to this the game features cards with a "blank" that is filled in by the player who picks up the card. This leads to even more variability and allows you to tailor the game towards your own footballing interests.

Do you ship internationally?

Not currently. We shipped internationally for our Kickstarter campaign, but have stopped for now. We will look to start shipping internationally again soon. If you're outside of the UK and want the game, you can email us to register your interest. 

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

If you're looking to purchase larger quantities of The Football Game in bulk, then we can offer wholesale discounts. For more information, head over to our wholesale contact page to enquire here. here.

Is Darius Vassell bald?

Sometimes Google won’t be able to answer the question and you’ll just have to argue it out for many, many hours. This is something we’re still arguing.

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