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About us

The card game that rewards obscure football knowledge under pressure. That's our tagline, but the backstory spans over a decade. The game was created by four friends at school, Jack, Jamie, Sam and Simon.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve spent the past two years bringing it to life in the form of a card game to be enjoyed with family at home or with friends over a nice cold pint.


Wetherspoons - 2013

Played so enthusiastically

we were asked to leave.

School trip - 2008

Invented the game on the coach home from a school trip.

Barcelona - 2017

Found the game’s spiritual home; towers of beer and unlimited popcorn in a Catalan cave.

Dublin - 2015

Played for five consecutive days and introduced the game to an international audience..

Simon's wedding - 2017

Passed the time whilst waiting for Simon’s soon-to-be wife to walk down the aisle.

London - 2020

After 2 years of Covid with no pubs, we rushed back to the London bar scene and played with so much vigour multiple tables decided to leave.

Euros - 2021

A pre-game pint and a quick round during the Euros led to the question “How can we put TFG out into the world?” and one hour later we registered the domain name

Beer partner - 2022

We created a very special partnership with award-winning brewery, Round Corner Brewing.

Kickstarter - 2023

Over a year in production, we finally launched our Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund our first ever production batch. 

Fully funded - 2023

30 days of crowd funding, we we went above our goal by nearly £2,000. This success ensured that our game will be going into production for the first time ever.


Meet the

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Favourite football memory

“Probably the 2002 FA Cup Final. Half my family support Arsenal and the other half Chelsea. I grew up in Devon but was back in London visiting family. We all had a big barbecue and watched it outside on what was the biggest TV I’d seen at the time. As I was ten, my memory of the game is a bit hazy but I remember both of the goals so well, going crazy and spending the next few months screaming “Parlour!!” or “Ljungberg!!” every time I took a shot.”





Favourite football memory

“As a Chelsea fan, it has to be our first Champions League win. Everything about that run was miraculous. In the midst of the most inconsistent season with a caretaker manager, we managed to turn around a deficit against Napoli and beat Barca with 10 men. Then the final, playing Bayern Munich at their home ground, getting battered for 90 mins, equalising right at the death and then winning on penalties was such a rollercoaster.”





Favourite football memory

“As a Villa fan, theres not many to pick from. Our route to the FA Cup Final in which we ended up getting demolished by Arsenal isn’t really up there. Our Championship play off final win is definitely a positive. But for me personally its watching Villa smash Inter Milan 3-0 at Villa park, which was pretty amazing. It was only a friendly but it was awesome to see it in person. It was my era of Villa players and my favourite team and the calibre of players that Inter had at that time was also world class”

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